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About Us

Boston Student Arts Network: Building Our Portfolios Together

Our Mission

The Boston Student Arts Network is a resource for college students in Greater Boston who are pursuing careers in the arts and entertainment industry. Through connecting, educating and showcasing, BSAN helps students studying various elements of the arts move forward and succeed in their profession.

Our History

The Boston Student Arts Network was formed in 2011 by Northeastern University alumni to join together those pursuing careers in the arts and entertainment industry. After experiencing the ever frustrating process of finding talent and crew to work with for school projects, they felt they needed to create an easier process for future students. In a city full of college students with such creative minds, BSAN serves as a central resource for students to use when they need to find other artists to work with. Whether it’s for school, business, or pleasure, artists can find other artists to learn and work with. Filmmakers looking for talent, costume designers looking for scripts, musicians looking for record producers, business managers looking for clients, and all other sorts of relationships, BSAN provides a place for these artists to connect and work together.

In addition to connecting talented individuals together, BSAN coordinates a variety of events which showcases the work of students. The Boston Student Film Fest debuted in 2012 and proved to be a successful venture in gaining exposure for student filmmakers. The BSAN Student Showcase debuted in Fall 2012 and featured the musical and artistic talent of students from all over New England in a one night showcase. In addition to these events, as we develop and grow as a community, we aspire to produce a variety of events that can educate students further and help connect them with helpful resources.